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D3.3 Land cover model inputs and efficient data model with possibilities to be updated

D3.4 Existing scenarios and data compilation on integrated scenarios using demographic, climatic, land cover from global and Black Sea Basin studies

D3.5 proposed demographic scenarios

D3.6 Delta-method applied to the temperature and precipitation time series - An example

D3.7 Proposed land use scenario analysis, model input parameters and allocation rules

D3.8 The enviroGRIDS scenarios

  • Management and coordination of EnviroGRIDS project
  • Reporting to the Commission
  • Setting internal and external communication tools
  • Performing quality control check on project outputs
  • Manage project budget
  • Manage intellectual property issues
  • Moderate potential conflicts and address cultural and gender issues
  • Build a Gridded Spatial Data Infrastructure.
  • Perform a gap analysis on Observations Systems in the Black Sea Basin.
  • Gather, format and organize environmental data necessary to run models.
  • Specify interoperability standards to be used in the project.
  • Integrate remote sensing and sensor data.
  • Gridify code of hydrological models.
  • Mount a Spatial Direct Server to upload and download spatial data in any - formats and projections.
  • To create spatially explicit scenarios on demographic changes
  • To create spatially explicit scenarios on climate change
  • To create spatially explicit scenarios on land cover changes
  • To integrate the outputs of the three scenarios
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