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The SuWaMa Conference will be held 19-23 September 2011, in Istanbul

The overall objective of this Conference Series is to enhance and evaluate, at the global level, decision support tools and models for the sustainable use and development of watersheds. This objective will be accomplished by:

  • integration of existing expertise and advancing knowledge,
  • strengthening scientific and technological excellence,
  • increasing scientific acceptability through publications,
  • organizing training programs,
  • establishing web-based platforms.

The series of Conferences will be structured to address these issues. Pre-conference courses will be offered to provide technical training for conference participants who are unfamiliar with tools for integrated watershed management.

Link: http://www.igemportal.org/?Dil=1&SID=689


The 2nd Istanbul International Water Forum will take place between May 3-5, 2011, at the Haliç Congress and Cultural Centre in Istanbul, Turkey, the same venue as the 5th World Water Forum.

The motto of the 2nd Istanbul International Water Forum is "An Istanbul Perspective on Regional Water Challenges and Solutions".

The 2nd Istanbul International Water Forum will provide a platform for greater coordination and collaboration amongst the key international and local water stakeholders In and Around Turkey, where regional water-related issues will be tackled in depth with an aim to find common sustainable solutions.

Link: http://www.iusf.org.tr/index.php/EN/home